Art Bio

It was at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale that I first discovered the amazing creative potential that exists in the realm of 3D animation and digital media. As I began learning to navigate in this rapidly evolving world I realized that this was where I wanted to pursue my career.  It took some time to make the transition from traditional to digital but once I had a solid grasp, I found that I could do so much more with less time. I also noticed the quality of my work improve. I felt like all those years of drawing, painting and developing my artistic abilities were finally starting to pay off.

Animation and illustration have always fascinated me but after becoming more exposed and experienced in the industry, I found that I've gained an even deeper respect and appreciation for it. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some very talented individuals who have been a great source of inspiration.

I'm still relatively new to the industry but I feel like the work and experience that I've already completed have helped me to more fully understand where my strengths lie and what it is I enjoy most about the work.. I constantly seek to progress and improve upon my skills as an artist and to challenge myself with each new project.

My focus is always the same no matter if its animation, digital art or design. I focus on putting my whole heart into the work because I know that if my heart’s in it completely, it will always be my best work. I continue to explore new ways of bringing to life the world that exists beyond the imagination.

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