Computer Skills
 ZBrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
                                               Premiere, Painter, Flash, Headus, Unreal Engine, Windows OS
                         Artistic Skills

                                               Drawing, Animating, Storyboarding, Digital painting, Illustration, Oil painting, Watercolor, Chalk,
Charcoal, Sculpture, Photography

                                   •   Extensive background and experience in 3D design, motion graphics and animation
                                   •   Excellent animation skills with ability to bring characters to life through key principles
•   Solid understanding of diverse range of techniques in graphic design
                                   •   Ability to take a creative and efficient approach to solving problems
                                   •   Strong communication skills with the ability to collaborate in a team setting
Proven ability to work effectively within strict deadlines to complete every project on time
                                   •   A passion for Art and Design with a strong desire to utilize my creative abilities

                          2010-2012    3D Animator (Contract) The National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2) - Lakwood, WA
                                       •   Create key frame animations in Maya designed to enhance mobile applications, games, media arts and websites
                                                             •   Establish an effective workflow using proven techniques to operate the new Motion Capture System 
                                                             •   Animate, model, texture, and rig 3D characters to meet project needs
                                                             •   Develop digital media and dynamic animations that focus on improving psychological health and well being 
                                                             •   Illustrate and design graphic content to support the initiatives of the Department of Defense including online behavioral health                                                                        tools, video-based telemental health services and innovative technology applications
                                                             •   Develop, improve, and deploy new and existing media for Psychological Health (PH) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

                          2008-2009  3D Artist (Contract) Microsoft Game Studios - Turn Ten - Redmond, WA
                                                             •   Create dynamic hand-keyed animations in a multimedia AAA title
                                                             •   Design and create visual assets through modeling and texturing
                                                             •   Concept and carry out compelling in-game and cinematic animations
                                                             •   Collaborate with the Effects Lead and Design Leads to establish conceptual
                                                                  ideas, timing and movement while receiving direction and feedback

                                                             •   Set up and animate pre-race, replay and home space cameras
•   Lead a team of artists in completing high quality deliverables
                                                             •   Establish and optimize an effective animation pipeline while improving workflow

                         2008           Game Test Associate (Contract) XBox Live - Redmond, WA
                                           Detect localization anomalies unique to the new XBox Live user
                                                                  interface by performing systematic testing of custom tools

•   Developed new techniques for running localization test cases
                                                             •   Executed test plans and test cases to ensure accurate and high quality
                                                                  game play, AI, and aesthetic properties
         •   Generate reports for designers that identify risk areas for review and

                        2006-2008  3D Artist, Virtual Prophecy, To Hell and Back - Fort Lauderdale, FL
                                           Modeled and textured environments and 3D character using Maya for feature title
•   Worked with Art Director and Design Leads to steer aesthetics down
                                                                  the right channels and ensure cohesion with all art assets
                                                             •   Collaborated with Creative Team to establish high quality design and
                                                                  character conceptualization
         •   Worked to optimize and develop a successful asset creation pipeline
                                                             •   Created normal maps and textures for characters using ZBrush

                         2004-2006    Marketing Manager/Graphic Designer, Auto Image - Orem, UT
                                         •   Created company logo, website graphics, and other marketing materials
                                                             •   Developed and managed marketing strategies and tracked marketing
                                                                  communications budget
                                                             •   Created messaging and positioning around all marketing and sales
                                                                  support material
                                                             •   Designed advertising brochures, price lists, direct mailers, and other
                                                                  marketing materials

2004-2008      Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and Animation
                                           The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

                                                          The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
                                                                  Awarded Best Digital Portfolio/Demo Reel

                                                          English, Portuguese and Spanish     

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